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A dynamic, graphical tribute to the streams and springs that bring life and being to every corner of Spain.
Inspired by bamboo, considered a symbol of good luck in many Eastern cultures, the movement and fine textures of each piece have made this collection a classic piece of contemporary jewelry design.
The strength, character, and life-force of the animal kingdom are captured by Carrera y Carrera artisans to create beautiful jewels dripping with energy and vitality.
The Cuba of our dreams, a flower that brought the myth of the island to Spain. A shape that communicates the island’s music, sensuality, and memory
Dragons, universal symbols of strength and power. Carrera y Carrera craftsmen bring the smallest details of this mythological animal to life in precious metal, just like dragons born from earth and fire.
Círculos De Fuego

Carrera y Carrera


Each artistic piece of jewellery is a reflection of expertise and creativity in gold craftsmanship. This brand has become an icon in luxury jewellery due to its distinctive style, imaginative designs and magnificent collections where gold and precious stones come to life.

círculos de fuego


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