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As a veritable stylistic manifesto, the J12 is a total break from the norm.
With each second, this sporty ceramic timepiece revolutionizes the present.
J 12 White
The Première watch has the dimensions of eternal femininity, and the proportions of unrelenting modernity. It is octagonal like the Place Vendôme, and is reduced to its simplest and most understated perfection.
Absolute. Mysterious. Impervious to the passing trends, the J12 Black watch never fails to electrify. Like the flow of ebony ink on a white page, it preserves a moment in eternity.
J12 Black
Much like a long necklace worn as a bracelet, the leather and metal ribbons of this watch wrap endlessly around the wrist.
Première chain intertwined
When passing from the sun’s rays to the soft light of the moon, the hue of the J12 Chromatic transforms from metallic accents to a stormy sky.
J 12 Cromatic
Rigor and subtlety weave together to create perfection around the wrist. It is a miniature version that concentrates the silhouette of the Place Vendôme into a dial as discreet as it is structured.
Première Mini


Chanel designs are famous for their innovative fashion pieces and their watches are no exception. A combination of master horologists and fashionable designs has resulted in a collection of dazzling timepieces. In keeping with the brand’s reputation of sophistication and charm, Chanel watches deliver elegant luxury timepieces with a modern twist.

J 12 White

J12 Black

J12 Chromatic

Première Chain

Première chain intertwined

Première Mini


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