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Timeless luxury – that is the perfect way to describe OMEGA’s diving watches. With its track record of over 25 years, the Seamaster Diver is an impressive timepiece filled with great horological content – certainly an iconic and epic dive watch that anyone would be proud to wear on one’s wrist. The water-resistant Seamaster has had a legendary following over the years. Today’s modern collection has embraced that heritage and updated it with OMEGA’s superlative innovation and design. The watch of choice of the eminently suave James Bond, the Seamaster offers extraordinarily high levels of precision, chronometric performance and magnetic resistance, as well as innovative design, precise technology and comfort for the man who has the love of the ocean ingrained in his spirit. Definitely a modern classic and a valuable addition to any serious watch collector’s haul. Shop our Diving Watches collection, and choose from a wide selection of top quality, luxurious timepieces.
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      21 products